The garden and the connected terrace


Temperatures, rain, wind, frost: climate variables have an important influence on the life of a garden or the plants of a balcony or terrace. To check exactly, in real time and even remotely, weather in its own green corner, Netatmo has designed a personal weather station that simplifies gardening.
The personal weather station, which can be completed with two accessories, a rain gauge and an anemometer, measures temperature, humidity, pressure, atmospheric, pollution rate; it is possible to import personalized alerts to be notified, for example, when approaching 0 °.
The rain gauge allows to understand how much rain has fallen and whether the plants have or do not need water: this results in water and time savings. On the contrary, the anemometer allows you to be informed about the effects of the wind, which can dry or damage the vegetation.
The personal weather station consists of two devices: one is placed outside (it is battery powered), the other in the house, connected to the mains. The devices talk via wi-fi, collect data concerning weather, air, humidity both outside and at home and transmit them to a mobile device via an app.
The user can also choose to share their data (only those relating to external weather conditions) and contribute to a global weather map updated in real time and much more precisely than forecasts concerning large areas.
Netatmo's personal weather station is distributed online, and in various electronic or do-it-yourself chains.


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