Peruzzo Turbo 400 powerful indestructible vacuum cleaner


Indestructible, powerful and enormous suction capacity: in this video we take a close look at the Peruzzo Turbo 400 bankside leaf vacuum suitable for box body vehicles.
Thanks to a large fan that creates a considerable air flow, the vacuum cleaner is able to suck up large quantities of leaves, but also light garbage, such as cans and litter. Therefore it is also suitable for use in public places, streets, large parks, by a professional target of gardeners and greenery maintainers.
The tube of minimum 5 maximum 10 meters in length and 20 cm diameter rests on a trolley with wheels which allows the operator to move easily and effortlessly.
Built in extremely resistant materials, this machine is also available in the version with tractor attachment and on road trailer.

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