Phytosanitary: Agrofarma proposes dialogue to correct information


Working together to achieve the dissemination of correct information and scientific: it is the wish of Agrofarma - the National Association agrochemicals companies that is part of Federchimica - in the face of the important debate on the use of plant protection products, born in recent weeks.
"Crop protection products - explain the association - are now essential tools in agriculture to ensure not only adequate productivity, healthy crops and safe; they are placed on the market after a legislative process of 10 years and regulated according to law, the Italian and European , which confirms the more stringent globally. once on the market, the industry spends promoting sustainable use practices, which combine the production needs of farmers the protection of human health and the environment ".
A demonstration of this attention Agrifarma cites the role of the Regional Plant Protection Services, public bodies whose role is to ensure the application on the territory of the Community, national and regional policies in the field of plant protection and pest risk prevention. The National Action Plan for the sustainable use of plant protection products in force also stipulates that every farmer should adopt a compulsory license, issued as a result of specific training related to the use of the products.
"Agrofarma - concludes the statement released the same day - understands that consumers today live a date confusion, mainly, by the large amount of information circulating on agricultural issues, food security and environmental protection. In the face of all this the industry players are called to an act of responsibility and, therefore, to make the team and learn to dialogue in a scientific and transparent manner.
The Association calls for the full involvement in the debate on these issues, with the media and all stakeholders, giving his readiness to participate in working groups that covering its products and training to use them, and providing their own skills to contribute to the solution of each problem relates to the sector. Reiterates, finally, the commitment of the entire supply chain to ensure high safety standards both for the consumers and for the environment, confirming the role of the agricultural sector of the Italian economy as a tow. "

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