Piante Chianese



Piante Chianese

The nursery plants Chianese company was founded in 1962 by the initiative and Mr Francesco Chianese, who ran the cultivation and sale of fruit trees.

Activities performed by the founder soon joins that carried the children, Stephen and Gaetano, who decided to extend their scope to ornamental plants, cultivating first mostly Pinus Pinea and Pittospero.

Step further social was the start of production of a wide range of plants in a container.

Currently, our nursery can be considered for allocation of ornamental plants, the largest and most extensive of Campania.

Over time we have built a fleet that allows us to deliver directly to our customers throughout the international territory.

techniques of cultivation appropriate, specialized personnel, continuous controls and selections of healthier mother plants, are the factors that distinguish the quality of the company Plants Chianese.

You can find us

Company headquarter
Piante Chianese
Via Umbria 1, Melito di Napoli (NA)

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