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Pier Passoni di Passoni Matteo

Since 1969, Pier Passoni operates in the field of gardening with great aesthetic sense and excellent professionalism. And 'leaders in proposing numerous innovative techniques, by the system to reduce time and effort in cutting the lawn, to the formation of structures with "plates Trani" and "Hot marble". The constant commitment to the research and result in customer satisfaction has contributed to the formation of a large exhibition area, garden area of 13,000 square meters. in Bernareggio and a pool of 6,000 square meters. in Aicurzio. A modern and efficient fleet, finally, allows to meet any need, from the construction of a balcony to the maintenance of a large park
Since 1969

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Pier Passoni di Passoni Matteo
Via Dante 30, Aicurzio (MB)

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