Pitagora Comunicazione



Pitagora Comunicazione

Pitagora sets itself as a creative partners of coordinated marketing communicatons, from corporate identity to web design. An expert interlocutor who is able to offer quality solutions to any need or problem.

Creativity is the core of any strategy. The success in developing effective and innovative projects has its origins in the capacity to positively match the strategic thinking and the creative idea. A communication mix which let Pitagora build solid partnerships with its clients during the years, and to establish relations which do not limit to single tasks, but which actually embrace a wider and more durable strategy.

What Pitagora wants to do, even if it is not such an easy process, is to build winning brands. This is our challenge.

Every brand lives differently, it uses unique and changing languages. To find them, to understand them and make them of our own is the key promise in every project.

You can find us

Company headquarter
Pitagora Comunicazione
Via Monterumici 8/7, Treviso (TV)

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