Plants to keep safe distances


With the start of Phase 2 and the planning of a summer that will be marked by the safety distance, even plants and flowers can play their part. The Giorgio Tesi Group nursery company launches the idea of "green spacers".
It is a green alternative to solve the problem of social distancing between people and to maintain anti-Covid-19 security measures in bars, restaurants, beaches and in all other accommodation businesses.
Plants, flowering espaliers, fruiting shrubs to be used as dividers.
With customizable heights and dimensions, the plants of the line can adapt to different environmental conditions and various needs, even of the bathing establishments, as explained by the company.
«The green idea to live the summer in Phase 2 could not be born in Pistoia, capital of nursery gardening: a line of plants that has been in production for years and which has been enlarged and made customizable for the occasion, in terms of height, size, variety , environmental conditions, specific customer needs and perfectly adaptable to the new rules imposed for the respect of social distancing between people in external areas ", explain from Giorgio Tesi Group.
There are numerous plants available: bamboo, vine, cypress, laurel, pitosforo, oleander, blackberry bushes but also jasmine, passionflower, bougainvillea, to give some examples. Species resistant to high temperatures, proximity to the sea, lack of water and with a flowering that marks the entire summer season.
Some bathing establishments have already started the installation, while a growing interest has been found abroad, in France and Germany (among the main Giorgio Tesi markets in Europe).
The green spacer project was launched in the 60 countries where Giorgio Tesi Group exports the plants grown in the Pistoia nurseries.
A more friendly solution for tourists and catering customers and environmentally sustainable.
“In view of the reopening of bars, restaurants, beach clubs and all other accommodation businesses - said Fabrizio Tesi, legal representative of the Giorgio Tesi Group - we thought of launching the idea of using a line of plants created specifically to promote in a natural and therefore eco-sustainable way the problem of social distancing between people in external areas, making us available also to study and realize personalized projects. This is certainly an alternative idea compared to the many proposals offered by the market, perfectly in line with our company claim The Future is Green and therefore positive both for the environment and for people, also representing a great opportunity to make the even greener cities ”.

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