Garden culture: returns Plants and animals lost


One that takes place each year in Guastalla (in the province of Reggio Emilia) is one of the most singolati events for green enthusiasts and gardening and for those who want to be the guardian, even in a small way, of biodiversity. Plants and animals lost" is a market now in its twentieth edition: the central theme is always the relationship between earth and human beings.Are nearly 500 exhibitors each year renew "the thrilling spectacle of shapes, colors and heady scents of flowers and plants that make the town a true Eden. Under the seventeenth-century arcades and city streets the best Italian nurserymen offer the many enthusiasts selections plants, fruits, rare animals ".Among the innovations, the angle "Gardens for hens", with gardens designed by some of the most important paesaggiste for different breeds of chicken, then a section on pollinating insects: butterflies, beetles, bees, real health indicators of a territory."


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