Plants and flowers can be sold


Assofloro announces that on the Council of Ministers website the FAQ, the frequently asked questions on the measures adopted by the Government, following the entry into force of the Dpcm 22 March 2020 (whose annex 1 has been modified by the Dm 25 March) have been updated and integrated. 2020).

With the updating of the FAQ, important specifications have been made concerning floriculture because it is specified that the sale of seeds, ornamental plants and flowers, potted plants, fertilizers, etc. is also allowed:

Here are the updates


- On festive and pre-holiday days, are the medium and large sales structures and shops present inside shopping centers and markets closed?

No, there is no longer the difference between weekdays, pre-holidays and holidays, nor that between sales structures depending on the size. Therefore, even supermarkets and hypermarkets in shopping centers, as well as all other shops, can be open every day, but in any case always limited to the sale of products listed in Annex 1 to the Presidential Decree of 11 March 2020, for how however integrated by art. 1, paragraph 1, letter f), of the Dpcm of 22 March 2020. As regards the markets, both outdoors and covered, only the sale of food products can be carried out in them, as well as, pursuant to the Dpcm of March 22, 2020, of each agricultural product. In all structures, the interpersonal distance of 1 meter must be guaranteed in any case, also through modulation of access and opening. Any form of assembly is prohibited.

-The new Prime Ministerial Decree of March 22 provides that the production, transport, marketing and delivery of agricultural and food products, among other things, is always allowed.

Is the sale of seeds, ornamental plants and flowers, potted plants, fertilizers, soil improvers and other similar products allowed?

Yes, it is allowed, as art. 1, paragraph 1, letter f), of the Dpcm of 22 March 2020 expressly admits the production, transport and marketing of "agricultural products", thus allowing the sale also to the retail of seeds, ornamental plants and flowers, potted plants , fertilizers etc. Moreover, this activity falls within the production and commercial activities specifically included in Annex 1 of the same Dpcm "agricultural crops and production of animal products", with ATECO code "0.1.", For which both production and marketing are allowed. Consequently, the opening of the sales outlets of these products must be considered admitted, but in any case it must be organized in such a way as to ensure prompt compliance with the health regulations in force.

So the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies Teresa Bellanova comments on his Facebook profile: “Net of more punctual technical checks that the offices will do early tomorrow, excellent news for the nursery sector that was in danger of being brought to its knees in such an important period of the year and is the result of the close work of these days in concert with the other Ministries ".

Just a few days ago, the President of Coldiretti Ettore Prandini asked, in a letter to the President of the Conte Council and to the Ministers, the possibility of reactivating the sale of plants and flowers at the large-scale retail trade and the structures enabled to comply with sanitation and therefore the implementation of the regulations in force, also allowing you to make the delivery with your own means.

Prandini now says: «The Government specifications, introduced by updating the FAQ on the Council of Ministers website, respond to what has been asked, clarifying what has already been indicated in ART.1 of the Presidential Decree of 22 March 2020 (Urgent measures to contain the infection on the whole national territory) under letter f): “the production, transport, marketing and delivery of drugs, healthcare technology and medical-surgical devices as well as agricultural and food products is always permitted. Any activity that is functional to cope with the emergency is also permitted. "


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