If the plant becomes a spy


A very unsuspecting, silent and self-sufficient 007. It is the profile of the new defense system that scientists in America are trying to develop, exploiting already known characteristics and properties of plants. Because it is precisely the plants that intend to turn into "spies" able to recognize in the environment the dangers to humans.
For the moment, the details on the "APT, Advanced Plant Technologies" project are very few and have been released a few days ago by the international press. What is known is that the Darpa (the American defense department that deals with new military technologies) would plan to use the abilities of plants to capture changes in their habitat (those that affect the soil, water or air) to monitor and identify environmental problems.
The intention would be to apply bioengineering and alter the genome of plants in order to make them able to sound an alarm in case of chemical, bacteriological or radioactive contamination, electromagnetic anomalies, and even in the presence of anti-personnel mines.

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