Plants also need the doctor. It's called Plantwise


Clinics for plants, to diagnose diseases, propose remedies and by doing so, increase their productivity. That in some areas of the world translates into millions of people saved from starvation.At Expo 2015, in the Swiss pavilion, he was presented the app Plantwise" that declines in the form of a game much more serious project, which aims to bring together the manufacturers of specialists, "plant doctors" in fact, to support them in the fight to noxious agents.The smartphone application allows you to photograph the sick plant, send the image to the central database and hence have an answer that maybe comes maybe from a clinic, no matter how distant. Not to mention that the development of clinical ever more numerous could allow to monitor the progress of diseases also globally, so as to recognize the causes.Currently the "plant doctors" are at work in 34 countries, with more than 200 partners, and reached 2 million farmers for agricultural advice."


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