Podcast audiences continue to grow


The future of the podcast is still to be written, or rather to be recorded. But this relatively new media has already shown great potential, registering growth in Italy that does not stop every year (and in 2019 marked a + 16%). Podcasts are audio files that can be listened to by different support, PCs, smartphones, tablets: listen to those from Radio Garden, GardenTV's web radio, entirely dedicated to gardening.
The results of the Nielsen survey, presented in Milan last week at the "United States of Podcast" event show 49% of Italians who do not yet know the podcast. This, too, for those who deal with it is a positive fact, which represents an audience still to be involved. The Italians who have listened to at least one podcast in the last year are 12.1 million (they were 10.3 in 2018.
The average listening per month also increased (from 2.7 to 3.7 times / month) and the time, from an average of 19 minutes in 2018 to 23 minutes in 2019, up to 27 minutes for the most loyal audience and passionate, the so-called "heavy users": they represent about 4% of listeners and listen to podcasts every day.
The younger ones have higher monthly listening averages, and in this the podcast audience follows that of the social networks.
In terms of content, the public is fairly evenly divided between music podcasts (45%) and in-depth news and current affairs (42%) and clearly rewards free content (85% of listeners) and originals, that is not "imported" by radio programs .
Listen for free, wherever you want and when you want the Radio Garden podcasts.
Where are podcasts heard? If the most widespread support is the smartphone, the home is the favorite place for listening (71%), then the car and public transport (respectively 34 and 22%).
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