December 12th, the day of the Christmas Star


The Christmas Star has its day dedicated and is December 12, a date that in the United States is celebrated since the nineteenth century. The Stars for Europe initiative, funded by the European Union, allows you to find out about trivia and advice on the care of this plant, queen of the Christmas holidays.
The Day of Poinsettia coincides with the commemoration of the death of the first American ambassador to Mexico and a great lover of plants, Joel Roberts Poinsett. In 1828 Poinsett discovered the wild Poinsettia in Mexico and was so fascinated by its beauty that, about 200 years ago, he imported it into the United States and baptized it with his name. The name Poinsettia was also used in German and in a short time the plant with prominent red bracts spread throughout the continent. Joel Roberts Poinsett died on December 12, 1851. From that day on, the US Congress introduced Poinsettia Day in honor of the diplomat. Also in Germany this day is receiving a growing interest, this for the important role of this plant in the European Christmas traditions.
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