Pollice Verde di Ferrando Mauro



Pollice Verde di Ferrando Mauro

The more than 20 years of Green Thumb activities are a path of growth, enthusiasm, insights and evolution.

The story begins in 1988, when the Ferrando family founded a company that is in charge of small gardens.

The company now Green Thumb is distinguished from the others by continuous innovation on materials and technologies used for the design of large and small green spaces.

This way of working with seriousness and professionalism helps consolidate the company over the years.

The team of Green Thumb is daily engaged in the conception and design of new formulas able to meet specific market trends and to meet various customer needs.

Have been, and still are, the human resources the key to the growth of Green Thumb, without the teamwork and the involvement of every person to reach the common goal, the success of Green Thumb would have a meaning less important. Instead, the enthusiasm and the desire to grow have led the company to significant results.

You can find us

Company headquarter
Pollice Verde di Ferrando Mauro
Strada Casale 194, Vicenza (VI)

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