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Pollice Verde sas - Sale plants and supplies
Pollice Verde sas


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Pollice Verde sas

We work in the area of private green, sports and public since 1987. Our staff takes care of all phases of the plant green area offering advice to the customer and suggesting the best solutions "turnkey" or "kits" in full compliance the environment and the surrounding landscape. Obviously we do not stop the construction of the plant, but we also take care of its maintenance may be all in our. loading or in cooperation with the client or trust's personal use. Attached to the ns. garden is the nursery where we grow hundreds of essences is that ornamental fruiting, with particular attention to the ecotypes (capers, thyme, but St. James, etc., etc.) In the garden, however, is a greenhouse which houses plants indoor bonsai and fat. We offer our. customers the tools and products needed for the care of green areas (gardens, parks, terraces, balconies, gardens and orchards), tools and products selected earlier by ns. gardeners under the quality profile then by ns. commercial that constantly analyze the right price-quality ratio. Always on the garden there is a well-stocked florist and ready to celebrate any event. During the year we organize training courses, always inherent in green, short but thick, courses useful for the management of green such as pruning, grafting, the turf maintenance, care of potted plants and bonsai, the irrigation system, the use of barbecue. We deal with outdoor furniture and barbecue, following the same parameters used in the evaluation of tools and products. We deliver worldwide. We rent plants and equipment such as lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, aerators, catenary, shredders, tillers.


Since 1987

You can find us

Company headquarter
Pollice Verde sas
Via Ettore Fieramosca 226, Ragusa (RG)

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