European poll: what grows in your garden?


Bakker, a Dutch company that is celebrating its 70 years in business, presents the results of the largest survey ever made in the field of green.The pan-European online survey was conducted among the subscribers to the newsletter company and the fans of the Facebook page - this is the largest made on the subject, with more than 30,000 responses in 18 countries - with the aim of analyzing differences in customs gardening between the different European countries and learn more about the behavior and needs of customers. The participation of Italians in the survey was particularly high, with over 4,000 respondents.**Germany beat Italy**The results are both interesting and curious - says Elena Taiana, Marketing Manager Bakker Italy -. For example, in most European countries the majority of respondents spend at least 3-5 hours a week to the care of the green. In Italy, the percentage of those who practice diligently gardening reaches 61%, more or less in line with the European average, while the Germans are the most active: in Germany the figure rises even to 73% "- adds Elena Taiana.But what they have absolutely Europeans in their gardens? French and Italian are unanimous in wanting a rose garden and a vegetable garden, and especially British and Germans instead think they can not do without a greenhouse.For most of the Italians can not miss the herbs, the Dutch are giving first place the strawberries, while the French, Germans and British prefer tomatoes.**What is your favorite flower?**Interesting results on the bulb from favorite flower: almost all indicate the tulip, with a percentage of about 20%

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