Potature alberi



Potature alberi

Pruning trees Pesaresi Mauro plays pruning services, felling, maintenance, stability control and planting of greenery.
Our work is based on modern arboriculture knowledge, which implies knowledge of biology, physiology, plant pathology and biomechanics of the trees, to make choices as correct as possible, respecting the nature of the tree.
In the management of trees, pruning, consolidations, plant protection treatments, the stability diagnosis of controlled culling, we use a well-established technique and evolving, regulated in Italy by the Consolidation Act on 81/08 security.
This common technique in the world, the treeclimbing has several advantages, not least with the environment and the tree. We operate by performing the pruning in a natural way, following the ramifications from the inside towards the outside, so meticulous and also ensuring economic advantages.

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Emilia Romagna
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Potature alberi
Via Albenga 7, Riccione (RN)

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