Potted plants for Christmas, with ecommerce


A new platform that allows you to buy, package and ship potted plants, choosing from an assortment of about 1000 varieties: Flob is a new way to make a green gift, maybe for the holidays.
For Christmas, in fact, Flob presents a special selection of potted plants for all budgets. Guaranteed 48-hour delivery, stylish and resistant packaging and the ability to customize the ticket make plants and Gift Cards Flob the perfect gift to surprise friends, relatives and close and distant relatives.
With Flob - www.flobflower.com startup for the online sale of pot plants born from an idea of Francesco Bovo (under 30 with a master's degree in Management and master in E-commerce) that is revolutionizing the market of the green sector - making a gift is simpler.
The platform offers an assortment of about 1000 varieties of plants including bonsai, succulents, carnivores, sanseverias, orchids, bromeliads and indeed many others often difficult to find on the Italian market, always sold in combination with artisanal design pots, manufactured in Italy and Flob brand.


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