Powerful brush cutter with low vibrations


MuCulloch presents 6 brushcutter models all equipped with a generously sized crankshaft, able to guarantee low vibrations and greater power. All 6 models in the range are supplied complete with metal blade and Tap N’Go flush head.
The B26PS brushcutter, with a power of 0.75 kW, a weight of 5.4 kg and a 4-tooth blade has been designed for surfaces of 1,000 / 3,000 m2.
The B26PS is also available in the Toolkit version: the packaging, in addition to the B26PS brush cutter, also includes the hedge trimmer accessory, a 4-tooth metal blade and a support belt.
The flagship of the range is the B33 PS + 4in1 brushcutter, which allows you to have 4 tools at the price of 1. The B33 PS + 4in1 brushcutter stands out from all McCulloch models because it is supplied complete with hedge trimmer and pruner accessory.
Like the whole range, the B33 PS + 4in1 brushcutter is equipped with a two-piece rod and, thanks to the Split Shaft system, it is possible to easily connect to the various accessories, then disconnect them at the end of use and make the transport of the more comfortable tool and smaller footprint.
It is equipped with a 3-tooth grass blade and a powerful 0.9 kW, 33 cc engine that guarantees excellent cutting performance.
Very comfortable tool for any user, it is equipped with a Soft Start ignition system, has an adjustable handle, weighs only 5.5 kg and is fitted with a Tap N’Go flush head with a cutting width of 52 cm.
In addition, the B33 PS + 4in1 brushcutter is also complete with combined protection, standard single belt.
The B428 PS brush cutter is equipped with a 0.8 kW, 28 cc 4-stroke engine.
With a weight of 7.3 kg, it is perfect for medium-sized surfaces (1,000 / 3,000 m2).
A 4-tooth metal blade guarantees excellent cutting performance and its support belt also allows easy use of the tool.
Top of the range, the B40 B ELITE and B40 P ELITE models that stand out for their power and comfort of use.
They are equipped with a powerful 1.5 kW, 40cc OxyPower engine, which guarantees high cutting performance.
They are also extremely comfortable, thanks to an effective anti-vibration system on the rod and on the handle and the controls they are equipped with, extremely easy to use. The two models also have a very comfortable handle which is double handlebar and delta respectively.

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