The practical application of biology to trees


On 29 and 30 November at the Guastalla College of San Fruttuoso, in Monza, Training 3T is organizing a course of practical application of biology to the trees.
The lessons are aimed at all those who in various social and professional roles are to take care of the trees (fruit, from work, from wood, ornamental).
"The trees are the common heritage - stated in the presentation of the course, by training 3T - but we have too many of them wrong information. This project is a popular course with the aim to" upgrade "the popular and scientific imagery on the trees . Even today in agricultural colleges and in university courses using outdated modern dall'arboricoltura books and concepts used as a reference mainly researches Alex Shigo and many other international researchers. "
For each scientific topic it will be dealt with in the practical application Gardening and nell'Arboricoltura.
Design of green spaces will thus have a new basis, based on the real needs and potential of each tree.
root system, stem and foliage will be so perceived differently than in the past.
The course ends with practical exercises sometimes to observe the "compartmentalization" in the trees, to know how to choose the best listings so you can build with the pruning ligninea a solid structure, the execution of pruning from the ground using the hair portions, thereby simulating the real case which is on the trees in the working reality. group discussions accompany the whole training process.

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