Pre-mounted panels for gardens and terraces


Create privacy spaces to suit every taste and style and best organize your outdoor spaces easily: Betafence has two new pre-assembled panels, ready to be installed. For those who love the classic shapes of the wood separation or for those who appreciate the revised american fence.
For those who want total privacy combined with modern design, Betafence proposes HoriZen Composite Design Alu, a pre-assembled windshield and windshield panel made up of very large (XL) HoriZen Composite strips in WPC embedded in a silver-colored aluminum frame.
Available in anthracite or sand shades for a great natural effect. In addition to color, you can choose between three panel sizes and either request the desired size. To complete this, there are doors with coordinated design, both single and double-leafed.
Made of WPC, a mixture of wood and polymer fibers that combines the warm naturalness of wood and the high resistance of plastic, HoriZen Composite Design Alu is resistant to weathering, does not rotate and does not create splinters; No maintenance required.
For those who do not need total privacy and want to decorate the garden with ease, HoriZen Aluminum Panel Panel recreates the traditional American wooden fence, revisiting it in material and appearance. This is a pre-assembled aluminum panel, a very durable material with a contemporary look. Moreover, thanks to the special polyester coating it is resistant to corrosion and atmospheric agents. No maintenance required.

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