Preserve the lawn thanks to the Japanese steps


A solution able to give a distinctive feature to its green space: Granulati Zandobbio presents the Japanese steps Stone Gres, a line of outdoor flooring in sintered stone, with formidable aesthetic characteristics and more.
The numerous technical aspects, the resistance, the performances guaranteed by the porcelain stoneware in the thickness of 20 mm, combined with the beauty offered by the various surfaces offer an outdoor solution guaranteed to last over time.
The Japanese steps are an essential complement to create walkways, walkways, paths and paths in contemporary gardens in the garden, protecting the greenery.
The collection includes 5 colors, both stone effect and wood effect, in the classic format of about 42x36 cm.
Stone Gres is easy to install and clean.
The installation is extremely simple and does not require special skills: it is necessary to calculate the total number of steps necessary to complete the path and place the slabs at the same distance along the entire driveway. Immersed in the meadows, but also in the gravel, they must not protrude above the level of the lawn, so as not to damage the lawn mower equipment during grass maintenance.
The use of this product allows you to protect and preserve the lawn from trampling and ensuring to your outdoor space a walkable surface that is easy to clean, safe and long-lasting. The intervention of arrangement can finally be enhanced with decorations stones, monoliths and plant compositions.

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