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Pressoffices comunicazione of Cristina Vannuzzi Landini
Pressoffices comunicazione



Pressoffices comunicazione

Cristina Vannuzzi Landini Born in Florence is an expert in communication, printing and merchandising office. Already chief press officer for REL, financial for the computerization of the PA under Aeneas and the Ministry of Labour, already associated FERPI and the Association of Women in Wine, has played several positions including merchandising manager for Lamborghini cars for Prince Hutamo Mandala Putra Suharto, merchandising for the Jubilee 2000, and head of the press office for Toscano Order of Labour Consultants. Organizer and creative event: Art Featured Saint Gobain and LeasArte, communication and research sponsorship for three years for "Miss Russia" for the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, Press International Craft Show and Exhibition of the International Caravan, Sponsorships and Seating for International Antique Show, Press Twiga Beach Club, local Versilia Flavio Briatore. He currently holds the responsible press assignments for some prestigious Tuscan catering activities (Ristorante Lorenzo Forte dei Marmi - Sabatini Ristorante, Florence - Firenze Trattoria The Franciscan - Cavolo Nero Bistrot Florence), for Veneta Slurp Expo Fiera di Schio and in the press office Italian Hospitality Association, as well as casual wear brand and accessories Made in Italy (tO BE Think and wear - made clothing in Italy, Florence - New York - Theatre Fragrances Unique Florence). It also works with major international law firm for the P / M Italian Company to the USA, China and Brazil. Collaboration - sectors food and beverage, lifestyle, clubs, events, fashion, cosmetics, chef interviews and VIP person - with Name Magazine, Premium Magazine, Dop Events, Green Cabbage, Chief Editor of Wine Fashion Europe Magazine, author of Wall Street International Magazine, food and Wine magazine web, Alps Fashion Magazine, Factory Style Mag, Aeroflot Magazine, a monthly of the Russian airline, Vie En Osaka, Alizè La Vie New York.
Since 1985

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Pressoffices comunicazione
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