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Primula Gialla Garden Center

The company was founded in 1984 with the experimental cultivation of chrysanthemum and pansies. In 1985 the first crop of primroses under a tunnel built by hand and heated with a wood-burning stove. In February 1986 the construction of the first greenhouse-tunnel and on 1 March 1986 the company Primula Yellow opening whose name derives from the cultivation of primroses and yellow because it smells more of the other colors. After two years in 1988, the construction of two tunnel greenhouses, as big as the first, which were used for the production of other seasonal plants like geraniums and cyclamens, poinsettias and green indoor plants. In that year also the project for the office building with masonry tool shed, which will be completed after two years. Until 1990 the company produced and sold mostly wholesale, but with the birth of the new Pertini district, was always more important to follow the direct sale to the public, and so from that beginning part of the history of the garden center. In 1998, a major transformation of the company replaces the old greenhouses tunnel with a modern vertical shoulder structure, much more functional and beautiful, destined to be constantly improved for the sale to the public and for the display of plants and various accessories.
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Primula Gialla Garden Center
Via della Crusca 27, Mestre (VE)

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