Printed for external Floor


Ideal Work presents a solution for outdoor use in cement, which is characterized by resistance, safety and design. The floor printed is created "sculpting" the skin of the material by means of molds supported and pressed in the fresh concrete, so as to reproduce the drawing and the texture of a stone floor or brick, ceramic or wood, with a great naturalness effect and pleasantness. Starting from the material to be reproduced, it is possible to customize the flooring choosing between different molds, colors and decorations obtained for example, with colored salts, the filling of the joints, the Greek side or ornamental rosettes. The designs and colors remain the same over the years because they are one with the same and are not over-impressed.
"Original and trendy, is a suitable solution for the finishing of residential outdoor areas, gardens, courtyards of villas and residential complexes and enhances the aesthetics of pools and spa areas," explained the company.
Thanks to the monolithic structure (one block) of the floor surface is much more resistant than floors constituted by the union of separate parts, with the advantage of also being driveway, without sagging. The absence of the surface leakage continues prevents the growth of weeds. Simply swept and washed, it maintains over time the original characteristics. Resistant to ultraviolet rays, it does not require any special maintenance.
The fast installation and qualified reduces construction time. In a few days you can walk on the floor again; Even in the event of restructuring, no need to demolish the floor with discomfort and expense.
"Thanks to a specific treatment with a microgranules rich resin capable of making the rougher surface and therefore anti-slip, the Floor Printed constitutes a safe surface, both in the environment in wet and dry conditions (see near a swimming pool)", They conclude by Ideal Work.


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