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Monday 17 June in Milan (Palazzo Pirelli) the conference organized by Assofloro with the patronage of the Lombardy Region will take place: "Floriculture in Lombardy: problems and prospects".
Take stock of the problems and look to the future
"The green - the association explains - in all its declinations, is becoming increasingly important due to the role of contrasting the effects of climate change in urban areas, to make the cities of the future more sustainable and for the benefits from the point of view of the environment and health ”.
The purpose of the conference is to take stock of the emerging problems affecting the sector, starting from the situation in Lombardy and touching on issues of national importance, but also highlighting the opportunities for companies and professionals also thanks to synergies and opportunities for contamination between production systems and entrepreneurial.
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2.00 pm Participants welcome and registration
2.30 pm Opening of works
Introduction to the work
Luca Riva, journalist. Conference moderator
- Fabio Rolfi, Councilor for Agriculture, Food and Green Systems of the Lombardy Region
- Paolo Voltini, President of Coldiretti Lombardia
- Ermete Realacci, President of the Symbola Foundation
–Nada Forbici, President of Assofloro
–Edoardo De Albertis, Vice President of Assimpredil ANCE
- Annarosa Racca, President of Ferderfarma Lombardia
–Maria Berrini, AmbienteItalia, Clever Cities Project
–Francesco Burrelli, National President of ANACI
–Andrea Azzoni, D.G. to Agriculture, Food and Green Systems. UO Development Industrie and Agri-food supply chains Livestock and Fish Policies, Lombardy Region. Phytosanitary Service Manager

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