Profession plant sitter, here is what it is


Valentina Paracchi, 37 (Law degree, master's degree in Communication in the music market), after a career as a marketing manager is back in his hometown of Turin to create a profession that sank roots in his great passion: gardening, becoming so a plant sitter.Ok, but what is it and what does a plant sitter?The plant sitter is a new professional green that devotes its attention to help all those who have in the city of green spaces, in your home or business and who would like to make them more healthy, lush and beautiful, but also is not left on their own . The plant sitter replacing professionally to those who do not have time (due to holidays, travel, commitments), desire, competence, to treat their plants indoors or on balconies and terraces.In addition to take over the management of the home green, Valentina also offers advice to those who want to start from scratch to design a small space for relaxation, both in the choice of the most suitable plants both in the enhancement in aesthetic terms with furnishings and design of new projects.But how did you get the idea of this profession?After years of courses hobby - tells Valentina Paracchi - I enrolled in the course for professional gardeners art to historic parks and gardens sponsored by the Regional Directorate for Cultural Heritage and Landscape of Piedmont and training by the Department of the Piedmont Region, thanks which is engaged in the arrangement of parks and gardens. I studied during the day and worked at night until you get to write the exams and pass very well. Meanwhile, I had this idea in mind to make the plant sitter. Inspired by the movie "Music and Lyrics" and Drew Barrymore (the film ends at the home of Hugh Grant to water the plants and then helps him with the song) and also from the book "Vacuum of stars" of Turin Stefania Bertola -bed least 10 years ago - which told the amusing adventures of holders Agency Fate Veloci, I 'launched' and I decided to open the page on Facebook Plant Child turin to offer this service. "To learn more about Valentina Paracchi and activity of plant sitter see the GardenTV's community (section gardeners), is one of our members!(Ph Daniele Solavaggione)"


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