Professional course for green maintenance


The Agricultural School of the Park of Monza organizes a course (180 hours) for maintenance of the green in compliance with the Law of July 28, 2016 n. 154, article 12, for business owners or managers and for those wishing to start a business.
Objective of the training path, the preparation of maintenance of the green. "Il Manutentore del verde" - reads the presentation of the course - sets up, arranges and maintains green areas, flowerbeds, parks, trees and public and private gardens. It takes care of the preparation of the host land, the planting of the plants until the construction of the plant and the subsequent management, applying the necessary cultivation and phytosanitary techniques ".
It also manages the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, the pruning of the main ornamental species in compliance with the "Guidelines for the management of urban green areas and the first indications for sustainable planning"; apply plant protection to plants within the limits of the laws in force. It is able to recover and properly dispose of mowing and pruning. It is able to make proper use of specific equipment and machinery.

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