Course for professional gardener


From march to july 2019 a new edition of the training course for professional gardeners will be held at the Agricultural School of the Monza Park. On January 12, at 10.30, the open day is scheduled to learn all the information related to the course, intended for those who want to acquire skills as an installer and maintainer of parks and gardens.
The training course is aimed at those who want to become a professional in the field of green, even if coming from other work experiences and without any preparation for departure, but is also suitable for those who already work in the gardening, nursery or agriculture sectors, has practical knowledge that feels the need to support on solid theoretical skills.
The course lasts 600 hours and includes lectures and practical exercises. At the end, the licensing certificates for the management of rubberized and phytosanitary agricultural tractors are released (release for users).
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