The professional robotic lawnmower for large areas


The Ambrogio Pro Line robotic lawnmowers allow you to cover lawn surfaces between 1,100 and 30,000 square meters, adapting to the different needs of those seeking professionalism in the garden.
Check out the video features of the Ambrogio Pro Line 2019 robotic lawnmowers.
The lawn mowers all have brushless motors, powerful lithium-ion batteries and advanced cutting systems to best meet the needs of those who own a garden and want to keep it at its best, at any time of the year.
Ambrogio does not need to work for repeated continuous cycles day and night. Thanks to the powerful batteries and careful planning, Ambrogio can rest all night and part of the day (or vice versa, depending on the real needs of the owner).
Ambrogio perfectly faces the most difficult slopes, up to 55% for the L85 Elite model. The stainless steel blades guarantee uniformity of cut on any type of turf.
Ambrogio rain sensors, which can be deactivated at any time, make the mower robot return to the charging base in the event of rain.
With Pro line "i": Ambrogio becomes a real smart product; hyper-connected in the Cloud with the Internet of things.

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