Battery power for the Pellenc blower


The new Airion BackPack professional battery blower from Pellenc stands out as the most powerful professional backpack blower powered by a lithium battery.
Airion BackPack is suitable for all green professionals, gardeners and garden maintainers, for the collection of leaves in the garden, but also for cleaning and garbage disposal.
It is an extremely performing tool, but at the same time comfortable and suitable for long use, as the weight is "distributed" on the shoulders through the backpack that houses the battery. The electric back blower has a thrust of 27 N and an air flow of 1455 m3 / h. Efficiency has been optimized for extended autonomy, it also has 4 speeds of use plus 1 boost. Thanks to the display on the handle, the gardener can view the autonomy in hours / minutes.
Extremely quiet, with 10 decibels less noise than a dorsal thermal blower. Another great convenience for garden maintenance and gardeners is the absence of vibrations and the possibility of being able to work in the garden even in the rain thanks to the IP54 protection, moreover the intelligent Joystick allows total control of the blower. Among the optionals a series of pipes and nozzles for all work needs, especially for the collection of autumn leaves. Like all Pellenc cordless tools it is compatible with 1500, 1200, 750 and Alpha 520 batteries.

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