Battery lawnmowers for professionals


In this video, Pellenc presents new mower Rasion Smart Pellenc, a lightweight and extremely easy to handle and carry. The reduced weight (less than 30 pounds) and the two free front wheels, guarantee freedom of movement.
The cutting width is 60 cm and the mower is equipped with double-knife technology, for a very good cutting quality in each kind of work of shearing by gardeners and public institutions.
"The model of self-propelled professional mower range - explanatory Pellenc - surprising both for design and for their technical characteristics. Rasion Smart was developed specifically to improve the working conditions of users. "
The power of the Smart model is equal to 1100W, with ULiB battery 1100 is able to provide 3600 square meters of maintaining shearing, without any CO2 emission and no consumption of gasoline. The low noise allows you to work at any time, even in commercial and residential areas.
Rasion Smart is built with recyclable materials and requires reduced maintenance. It can be used with battery ULiB 1100 and 700.

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