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Progetti & Servizi - Greenmasters

The Progetti & Servizi is able to deal in a serious and professional manner with a wide range of services in the field of ornamental greenery: Design, construction and maintenance of private and public gardens; Design, construction and maintenance of hanging green; Design, construction and maintenance of automatic irrigation systems; Phytosanitary defense against the main adversities of plants; Installation of fountains and ponds; Installation and assistance of robotic lawnmowers; Consultations, appraisals and construction supervision.
Our company was founded in 2001 by the initiative of Roberto Rossi (company's soul and heart), with the aim of supporting the friends and fellow gardeners of the Green Masters group in their work of creating new private and public green spaces.
But since 1990, as Agraria Cesenate, the first experiences in the design and construction of gardens begin, with great care for every detail, including fixed structures and lighting and irrigation systems.
In the spirit of an effective collaboration, as early as 1994, the Green Masters group was born, which has as its priority objective the achievement of high standards in the design and construction of gardens, both through a policy of quality and product selection and through continuous investments. in technologically advanced equipment.
Thanks to the passion, supported by new studies and continuous updates, both the Projects & Services and the Green Masters group are still in continuous evolution and growth, allowing an approach to biology and environmental protection in an effective and modern way in full respect of the principle of eco-compatibility, in the wake of tradition and respect for the nature and methods of biological control.
The goal is always to obtain the best quality results, using effective and innovative methods, to maintain an originality that can guarantee customers a personalized service at a high level with competitive prices.

Since 1990


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Emilia Romagna
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Progetti & Servizi - Greenmasters
Via Alessandrini 10, Diegaro di Cesena (FC)

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