Promogiardinaggio is a non profit organization with the aim to promote gardening and love for the green, was founded by 40 leading companies in the production and distribution specializing in gardening. Companies that have agreed to work together to improve the tools of our market and have launched a strong proposal: an appeal to which - we are sure - will answer many other businesses in the production and distribution because the world of Italian gardening needs a jump quality. Established with the Promojardin collaboration, similar French Association, Promogiardinaggio is open to all specialized operators: producers, garden centers, DIY centers, Agricenter, hardware, media. Promogiardinaggio works in the market through working groups with targeted objectives and made by shareholders. Among the objectives of Association are those of increasing the love for green and support consumption, communicate more effectively and increasing the space dedicated to gardening in the mass media, organize joint communication campaigns and stimulate the love for the green, explore together new markets, with research and shared missions, common goals and improve market instruments, create a system of communication between companies and improve dialogue.
Since 2008

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