Protect plants from cochineal


How to protect plants from cochineal? Copyr studied two remedies provided for both gardens, vegetable gardens, orchards, and for house plants and balcony.

Anticocciniglia RTU is a multipurpose insecticide based on mineral oil and Cypermethrin suitable for ornamental plants, indoor, balcony and garden home.
Anticocciniglia RTU is effective against fixed and mobile scale insects, half a grain of pepper, red white, cotonello, wax modellers, Diaspis, Quadraspidiotus, eggs of aphids, mites and larvae of butterflies wintering and, in summer, against the generality of plant pests ( aphids, thrips, moths, bugs, lice).
The ready to use insecticide is available in liquid formulation in the form of spray bottle with 750 ml trigger.

It is advisable to shake well before use, direct the spray on the plants from a distance of about 20-30 cm and carry out the treatment in the morning or evening on plants not exposed to the direct rays of the sun.

Mineral oil is instead an insecticide based on mineral oils designed for the control of various species of scale insects in olive-growing, fruit, citrus, ornamental plants. The product allowed in organic farming, is used both in the winter treatments before the vegetative growth in spring and summer applications.
It is a concentrated emulsion composed of white refined oil to be diluted according to the doses indicated on the label. It is recommended to suspend the 20-day treatments before harvest. The Mineral oil, equipped with measuring cup included in the package, it is available in 250 ml carton and bottle 1 liter.


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