Protection panels for privacy and wind


The new range of Horizen Betafence meets the need to protect the moments of rest in the garden or on the terrace, offering the opportunity to express their own style simultaneously.
Horizen is an innovative range of slats and modular panels frangivista and windbreaks, to create corners of great tendency privacy in the garden and on the terrace or to easily organize and outdoor spaces style.
One of the important advantages Horizen is the ability to create fully customized spaces: the customization possibilities are really endless. You can choose from different materials, textures, colors, shapes; you can combine different types of panels; horizontally and vertically; insert and decorative lighting elements or even create a true darkened wall. In a capacity to meet the specific needs size. And always count on a modern and elegant design that fits harmoniously into the natural environment. For an angle of truly personal privacy, contemporary, creative and original.
In addition to aesthetics Decorative, the Horizen solutions are also resistant to corrosion of atmospheric agents and the ravages of time. All materials and components are carefully selected and tested: the functionality of the systems for guaranteed privacy 10 years.
Finally, install the Horizen systems is very simple: thanks to a handy installation manual and a video, with all the functional claims to a pose in perfect work. It will be easy and fun to create privacy zones, both in the garden and on the terrace.
The Horizen range includes strips to create the panels, modular panels, pre-assembled panels, gates, light strips and decorative strips inserted in the panels and available in different textures, poles and specific accessories.

Used as a room divider, dividers, screening and wind protection, the following panels can be combined together: so you can match WPC panels with aluminum panels or glass or laminate! Or even, in the strip with systems, you can combine different material strips.


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