The cuttings can be reused


With an official note, the Lombardy Region clarified the national legislation on mowing and twigs: the material resulting from pruning and maintenance of green areas - public or private - is not necessarily waste, but can be reused in agricultural practices or in other supply chains.
"The document - explains Assofloro, addressee of the regional note - clarifies how the residues deriving from the private green areas care activities, and under specific conditions set out in a circular of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition MiTE also of the public, can be destined for agricultural use as a by-product, provided that there is adequate traceability between the point of production and the place of destination in which it is used agronomically correct and traceable to good agricultural practice ".
"This is an issue on which the Region - affirms the Regional Councilor for the Environment and Climate, Raffaele Cattaneo - wants there to be full clarity, so that everyone can operate in full respect of the environment. In fact, it will contribute to the reduction of waste resulting from mowing and the correct recovery of organic matter in a circular economy perspective. In addition, it will allow you to avoid unfair practices that have a strong impact on air quality such as burns ".
Nada Forbici, President of Assofloro, stressed that the clarification has an important impact on the environment and on the work of those involved in the care of greenery: "It simplifies the activity of companies by protecting them from incorrect interpretations and therefore from sanctions, good for the environment because the production of waste is avoided (with all that this entails in terms of impact for management), creates opportunities and opportunities for the enhancement of a resource that can be used through various activities and supply chains, with a view to of a true circular economy and for a qualitative improvement of green areas ".
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