Pruning, power tripled with the new loppers


Provides strength and precision during pruning, Fiskars patented PowerGearTM mechanism, mounted on a new range of loppers. The system works with three-stage gear, which tripled as the cutting power, spreading it evenly. The new loppers are also more ergonomic and easy to use.The new Fiskars loppers PowerGearTM X are three times more powerful ripetto conventional loppers on the market - explained the company - Their high ergonomics has been further enhanced to maximize the cutting performance in safety".The handles are made of the special SoftGrip material, a soft textured rubber that provides a secure and comfortable grip, even with wet or dirty hands.All materials were selected to improve performance, comfort and safety of new loppers. The structure made of aluminum makes the tool extremely lightweight, durable and long lasting. In addition, the stainless steel of high quality precision blade, coated with anti-stick material you PTFE, reduces friction during cutting and prevents dirt and debris getting stuck between the blades."The most common mistake while pruning - says Alessandra Maggi, senior director go to market South West Europe - is to cut the branches too close or, conversely, too far with respect to the tree trunk. This means that the plant has to spend its energy to repair the damage and to be able to renew, thus becoming more sensitive to diseases. The lower blade bypass lopper of PowerGearTM X can 'be placed at the perfect distance from the tree trunk, so as to guarantee the best result in the pruning. "The innovative range PowerGearTM X includes three bypass loppers with blades for easy cutting fresh wood and to make clean cuts, in addition to a loppers with anvil blades perfect for pruning hard and dry wood. The Fiskars loppers PowerGearTM X are designed to cut off thick branches up to 50 mm in diameter and, depending on the model, you can get to cut up to 3m high.The PowerGearTM X tools are characterized, moreover, by a serial number that allows the registration of the product, allowing the customer, can benefit of personalized services."

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