Pruning, the importance of training


Expand the green culture, respecting the quality and focus on the professionalism of the technical and business training. These are some of the commitments on which the Association Florovivaisti Bresciani, along with the College of Agricultural Engineers, has focused in recent months, to ensure an improvement in the quality of the pruning of the trees carried out in the cities, the green heritage both public and private .The association refers forward to encouraging signs, particularly after the issue related to topping" of plants (a technique which consists in cutting branches above the junction with the trunk with a removal motion drastic, 50-100%)"The media coverage (and the subsequent complaint to the Court of Auditors) - explain the Florovivaisti Bresciani - relatively pruning work carried out on tree heritage of the Brescia municipality have certainly made reflect the government on the importance of properly managing the closest precious surrounds us, the trees. We must never forget: the tree is a living subject. Grows, breathes, it interacts with the surrounding environment and reality in which is inserted. You must know and understand, first of all, if the intervention of pruning we are going to implement it is really necessary and what is the physiological limit beyond which not to go. Cut does not mean much to cut well: the best cut is what you can not see".In confirmation of this greater awareness, the association has experienced greater participation in seminars and workshops planned in recent months on the subject of proper pruning. "Spring is coming and with it the desire to live in harmony with the environment around us, we want to be as natural as possible. A thank you then go to all those who care about one of the most important elements in our lives, the trees, to all those who believe in the professionalism and quality of an important work for the environment and the benefits they derive from it, to those municipalities that have shown sensitivity and ability to change their modus operandi for the good of the whole community, present and future".The photographs show some pruning interventions in the municipalities of Brescia, in testimony of this contrast."

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