Pruning roses: a course in Rieti


Theory and practice, to learn how to prune and how to take care of the roses, the beautiful backdrop of Roseto Vacunae Rosae, in Roccantica in the province of Rieti: the course is scheduled for Saturday, February 4, starting from 9.30 am (until 17:30).
The day will begin with a few general notions on planting and pruning on the ground rules for the pruning of all varieties.
It will also give some information on the most important cultural techniques of pink and specific tips for cutting the flourishing shrub roses, re-bloom, climbers and ramblers.
Starting from 11.30 instead begin a practice session, which will resume in the afternoon with the pruning of the different specimens in the rose garden, which boasts a collection of nearly 6,000 different rose variety and is part of the network of Great Italian Gardens.
For information you can contact the Rose Garden at the number 0765 63626; participants are suggested to wear comfortable clothes, and bring along shears and gardening gloves.

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