After explaining what are the mistakes to avoid, in this podcast Alberto Corbetta, professional gardener and landscaping maintainer explains what are the rules to follow to prune the plants correctly, so as to have them healthy and respect their growth.
Once the importance of contacting a professional has been clarified, also asking for different opinions and estimates, Alberto Corbetta explains what are the medium and long-term damage that a wrong pruning can cause to trees.
Among the numerous practical tips, an in-depth study is also dedicated to fruit trees, for which the correct pruning allows to obtain abundant and quality harvests.
The professional gardener then illustrates which tools are most used for pruning and how they can be chosen: a difficult subject, since it is necessary to take into account not only the species of the plant, but also the diameter of the branches to be cut. Scissors, shears, hacksaws, scissors, pruners, without forgetting the new proposals for cordless saws: the offer is truly vast, but how do you find your way around? Alberto Corbetta helps us understand which pruning equipment to buy and makes suggestions for the purchase of valid and long-lasting products.
Furthermore, never forget that the tools must be well sharpened and clean: this is the only way to obtain a smooth and clean cut. A necessary condition to prevent plant diseases.
All this and much more in the new Promogiardino podcast. Follow the link to listen to it:
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