Public greening by private people: a growing trend


In a few years, joint and private collaborations for the maintenance of public spaces have increased by 350%. It happens in Milan, where the signed agreements have passed from 100 of 2005 to 451 of 2107, bringing to more than 230,000 square meters the total green space "adopted" by the private Milanese (including the famous palms of Piazza Duomo).
The numbers were announced at the public and private conference for a more beautiful and green Milan, during which the administration renewed the call for collaboration between institutions and individuals on this issue.
Among the private caretakers, playgrounds and play areas there are not just companies and businesses, but also condominiums and associations. All this is done through collaboration or sponsorship contracts, so at no cost to the municipality. A formula that ensures the city enjoys clean and maintained public green spaces when administrations are increasingly finding resources.
Two ways studied by the municipality for those who intend to "adopt" Milan's green: technical collaboration or sponsorship, with the logo of the company logo. It is the first that goes for the major: Of the 451 active contracts today, in 369 cases these are collaborations without logo.
"The administration - says the statement issued by Palazzo Marino at the end of the conference - reiterates the invitation to companies, businesses and citizens for a greener and more beautiful city. A virtuous mechanism that, on the one hand, provides nice, well-maintained green areas for the Administration, while allowing private individuals to personally care for the spaces surrounding their condominium, shop or offices. "
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