David Degano, the man who cultivates pumpkins


By paraphrasing a famous proverb, one could say that "pumpkins come from pumpkin". And that's what happened to David Degano, who, from a handful of seeds, saw a flourishing activity of producing and selling ornamental, table, giant and tiny pumpkins in a total of more than 150 varieties. The agricultural entrepreneur and pumpkin grower (as himself defines himself) is told in the GardenTV interview.
How was the passion for pumpkins born (and how did it become a job)?
Almost by accident. A family friend gave us seeds of a giant pumpkin and since I had a great passion for agriculture since I was little, I immediately cultivated them. They produced some huge pumpkins of 60/80 kg which I then sold to some shops in the area.
Next year, besides re-seminating this type of pumpkin, I have also cultivated other varieties that I have been requesting and so from year to year I have always increased the cultivated area and experienced new varieties of pumpkins that were sought in the reference markets.
Thus was born Degano Zucche, a family-run farm located in the province of Udine. Today, what types and varieties of pumpkins do you propose?
We cultivate many ornamental pumpkins that are certainly our core business, Halloween pumpkins, pumpkins to eat, giant pumpkins; All that concerns the pumpkin is in our house ... We propose more than 150 varieties. Ornamental pumpkins have shapes, colors, features and features that keep our customers astonished. We also grow hundreds of Halloween pumpkins, even in this case of different qualities and sizes: from mini ones that are on a palm of your hand to the spectacular 8/12 kg pumpkins with an extralarge dark green handle. Then there are the ones to eat, which can also be used as decoration and giant ones.
How many pumpkin varieties does it know?
I think there are hundreds of varieties in the world, but thanks to twenty years of experience and field testing I can say that I know a good part of it, though not all of them - it would be impossible.
How are your products grown, what does it matter to you?
A visceral love for this kind of cultivation, which on the one hand requires a continuous and daily commitment, but on the other hand gives way to having an incredible and unique example of biodiversity: to be able to get over 150 varieties of ornamental pumpkins all different from ' Other (you can see on the site) is a difficult task to get but it always gives great joys. Another cause of tremendous satisfaction is to cultivate our lands in the most healthy and natural way possible, respecting the times that nature requires us by always focusing on quality products that are recognized and appreciated by our customers.
About customers, who are the main ones?
Gardeners, florists, florists, wedding planners, restaurateurs, caterers, associations that organize events and of course private: in 2011 we inaugurated at our company's headquarters a shop and exhibition hall exclusively dedicated to pumpkins.
How do your products focus on gardening centers and gardeners?
Our offer is really large and garden centers can sell these products for quite a long time since the beginning of September with ornamental and decorative pumpkins until the end of October with the loveliest Halloween pumpkins.
Our products are also cut to the needs of gardening centers because we have the option of choosing from a wide range of pumpkins of all types (orange, white for weddings and communions, yellow, bicolour, winged, dudes, mini pumpkins, Original and unique shapes, round, oblong, mushroom, bottle, giants and more who put them ...), buying them both in bulk and in cassettes of various sizes. Moreover, thanks to continuous research and testing carried out during these 20 years of activity we have selected truly beautiful and original varieties of ornamental pumpkins that have the advantage of being very durable over time. A further customer service is that we can have our products in all of Italy within 24 hours, choosing from a wide range of products always available. It is a plus that the garden center demonstrates to appreciate more and more.
We come to those who buy seeds: what space should they have?
To cultivate a single pumpkin plant an enthusiast must devote approximately 2 to 4 square meters of land.
A joke, to close ... eat pumpkins every day?
Let's say that being a fan of pumpkins, eating pumpkins can not fail on the table, not every day. But almost ...


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