Radio-controlled self-propelled grass cutter


Robofox Hybrid by Peruzzo is the new self-propelled radio-controlled tracked flail mower that allows you to cut grass and shrubs on steep slopes in complete safety.

Professional lawn mower suitable for sloping, steep, rough terrain and even urban areas.
Thanks to the double overlapping design of the rotor blades, it can tackle any type of grass and cuts grass and shrubs up to 2-3 cm in diameter.
The tracks have two powerful brushless electric motors capable of moving the machine even without starting the heat engine.
Robofox Hybrid by Peruzzo is suitable for greenery maintainers, gardeners, companies for the maintenance of urban and road areas, because it works on steep slopes in absolute safety, also suitable for motorways, inaccessible paths, mountainous areas.
The low center of gravity and robust tracks of this grass cutter allow maximum grip even on uneven areas. The compact dimensions make it a grass flail that is also suitable for narrow and low spaces.


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