Radio Garden: the podcast for those who love green


There is a big news in the air, indeed, "on air". It's called Radio Garden: a web radio entirely dedicated to gardening and the passion for greenery, to be heard anywhere and whenever you want, thanks to the opportunities offered by a new (and trendy) format: the podcast.
On the crest of the wave in the Anglo-Saxon countries (in the United States, where they are born, they make hundreds of millions of listeners), in Italy podcasts are constantly growing: they represent a market that can count on both the freshness of an emerging media and solidity guaranteed by the never-ending passion for radio, its "ancestor".
As for the public, estimates say that in 2022 the monthly podcast listeners in our country will be 21 million (source PwC Entertainment & Media Outlook Italy 2018-2022).
What is it? Podcasts are audio files optimized to be listened to on any computer device: smartphone, tablet, mp3 player, pc. The advantages are very many. First of all comfort: they can be listened to during a trip, on any vehicle, at home while taking care of the housework or while jogging, or doing manual work. In short, while doing something.
Or not. In a context dominated by the image, the podcast is in fact a nostalgic (and winning) return to the language of orality and offers a truly stimulating and relaxing experience to the listener. The audience also has the opportunity to learn and at the same time have fun, all for free: podcasts can be listened to online or downloaded.
The contents can be the most diverse: current news, stories, insights, lessons, books read. Radio Garden intends to offer its listeners all the expertise of the GardenTV editorial staff applied to this new language. Through interviews and dialogues with experts and professionals, he will deepen the topics of greatest interest in the field of gardening, offering advice and useful news to all green enthusiasts.
Radio Garden, a land-based transmission to increase the desire for greenery on the balcony, on the terrace or in the garden, wherever you are.


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