Regulations, PPE advice for using the chainsaw

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Regulations, PPE and advice for use: in this video, a teacher from the Minoprio Foundation explains how to work safely with the chainsaw, reviewing the devices mounted on the machine and the pictograms that indicate the PPE necessary to protect themselves from accident risks.
Finally, it gives some useful tips on the behavior to be maintained during cutting operations and advice on ergonomics.
The video is part of the "Safe on the lawn" campaign, promoted with the patronage of the Lombardy Region ATS Monza and Brianza, in collaboration with the Minoprio Foundation and Agricultural School of the Monza Park and with Stihl as technical partner, to inform and sensitize employees the work and training centers on the regulations in force and on the correct use of equipment for green maintenance, promoting the correct maintenance of the equipment and the adoption of individual protection devices.
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