The rental of gardening machines grows


The choice of hiring machines and equipment is increasingly to a large extent also practiced in the green maintenance industry. To understand the trends in this sector, its operation and future developments, GardenTV interviewed Marco Prosperi, director of Assodimi and Assonolo charterers.
To what extent does the rental of machines affect the green maintenance and gardening sector?
Machinery and equipment hire covers all sectors as a service can be the answer to a wide range of issues: the right stain for the job to be carried out, working peaks, work area different from the one in charge, malfunctioning of the machines Property, financing for complicated purchases. And primarily, as is already the case in other European countries, it goes from concept of ownership to concept of use to improve company indexes, postpone bureaucratic and security issues to the charterer and focus more on their business.
What is the question at this time?
We do not have specific indexes for the green and gardening sector, but are areas that are responding well to both private chartering and chartered companies or cooperatives. It is a remarkably new market with some rental generalists who are equipped with machines and equipment to meet the various needs.
Are there prospects for development?
If we look at our European partners, we are already in extreme delay, in countries like the United Kingdom the rental of green machinery and equipment is on the agenda. We are expecting an increase in both the green and the agri-industry sector, much will depend on the type of offer that will be organized.
What actions do you intend to put in place to promote rental also in the green?
We are preparing a working group, coordinated by Fabio Padoan of the Ompra company, specializing in rental for the green sector, made up of builders and charterers, to start a dialogue with the counterpart both to explain the concepts of rental and to introduce suitable machines and equipment And it would be very interesting to have a professional information campaign on rental concepts (which are very different from the simple loan).
How does professional hire work and who is it for?
In Italy there are many charterers and anyone can approach this world without any entry gate, which leads both to good competition but also to competition made by means not always in good condition and based solely on the rental rate without focusing on True hire concept that is represented by the service. Service made of machines and equipment is standard without any problem of use with the continuity of work as a strong point. In this regard, we started a process for creating a certification called QualityRent, which serves to identify in the country those companies who believe in professional hire of procedures, maintained machines and qualified and trained personnel.

What are the advantages over purchasing machines and tools?
There are two main aspects: the economic side and the side of the medium.
The purely economic side offers both tax advantages, having a fixed and fixed budget that includes everything you need for your job (even temporary), plus a comparison of real costs of an asset (which must include cost of Purchase, management, administration, bureaucracy, maintenance, etc.) and costs of a hired property that varies greatly on the actual annual usage days.
The means of a charterer are always checked and therefore should not give us any problems of functional or bureaucratic nature and even if there were such problems the professional charterer is able to solve it all by other means more suitable. The relationship between a charterer and a client is a lasting and advisory relationship.
Is the rental also available to the private user?
Anyone can hire property, respecting safety and training standards. It will be up to the professional charterer to make suggestions, forms, insurance and ad hoc best practices to best serve the private.
How did they come from and what did Assyim and Assonol take care of?
Assodimi was born as an association representing the world of the distribution of industrial goods in 1992, after a short time thanks to the collaboration with the association of French charterers were brought to Italy the concepts of professional hire by raising the Assonolo Group as representative of the charterers. Today Assodimi and Assonolo are grouped together and represent the whole world of the rental of goods, machines and instrumental equipment. The main task is to divulge rental concepts and create standards to go to a European charter hire.
What are the goals and commitments for the near future (particularly in the green).
First of all, the dissemination of professional rental concepts through the QualityRent project, then it would be interesting for us to start a dialogue to show the benefits of the rental and then create collaborations between charterers and its representatives and users (and its representatives) to create a dialogue Fruitful for both.

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