The gardens of Villa della Pergola reopen


With the arrival of spring the gardens of Villa della Pergola in Alassio (in the province of Savona) return to flourish, a lush English garden overlooking the sea that reopens to the public on Saturday 24 March with guided tours (every weekend until the end of October ) and a new series of seasonal-themed workshops related to the garden.
The first flowering that welcomes visitors is that of the wisteria, a climbing shrub whose inflorescences form fragrant clusters of lilac, pink, white and blue color, whose trunk winds around the pergolas that connect the different levels of the park.
Of these flowers, Villa della Pergola hosts an important collection of 35 different varieties of shapes and colors, including Wisteria Sinensis, Wisteria Floribunda, Wisteria Bachybotrys, Wisteria Frutescens, Wisteria 'issai, Wisteria macrostachya' Clara Mack ', Wisteria' Nana ', which guarantee a long flowering to climb.
And to discover the curiosities, the history, the methods of cultivation of wisteria, Villa della Pergola proposes with a renewed formula, laboratories for adults and children.


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