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Italians, a people of hobby farmers". This underlines Coldiretti in the last survey conducted with Censis: more than 20 million people who are put to work in the garden, the garden, or on terraces and balconies with the arrival of summer, not only to grow flowers and plants, but also to grow vegetables and aromatic.A demonstration of this growing love for the care of the green, there are also the 2015 data Comagarden regard to the sale of machinery and equipment for gardening, which show a significant increase of chainsaws (+ 5.8%) blowers / vacuums ( + 8.5%), motor hoes (+ 3.8%) and especially robot lawn mower (+ 16%).But what are the motives that lead Italians to get busy in the garden? Says the survey Coldiretti / Censis: "The 25.6% of Italians who cultivates plants and vegetables without saying it does especially the urge to eat healthy and genuine products, but also for the passion (10%) and a small part to save (4.8%). It is, however, an interest that has a cross-diffusion between men and women, age groups and areas of residence although the analysis emerge surprising aspects: the percentage is higher among young people than among the elderly and among women than men .Among young people aged between 18 and 34 years it is as high as 50.8 percent and as for the genre to grow vegetables is more than 47.5 percent of men compared with 43 percent of women. Italians are dedicated to work in the garden in the gardens and private terraces, but also on public land or on farms with the common denominator that - Coldiretti - is the passion for outdoor work, the desire to see grow something yourself, the pleasure of eating or offer fresh products to family or friends, genuine and seasonal, but also in some cases to save money without sacrificing quality at a difficult time of crisis "."


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