Resistant and corrosion-proof fences


Resistance, and low environmental impact: these are the characteristics of plasticized fences Betafence, a range that includes both professional products suitable for residential use.
The fences have a dual technological protective coating: they are first galvanized and then plastic coated with PVC or pes, depending on the installation requirements.
The pvc, explained the company, "assures a very flexible and elastic coating, providing excellent corrosion resistance. This material, available in different colors, has proved extremely suitable in coastal areas where the percentage of salinity is greater. "
The resistance, the pes instead also adds the high decorative value, since it can enjoy the advantage of a greater freedom of choice in colors and finishes.
To obtain the certification of actual weather resistance are executed various controls, such as the rising fog test (which lasts for 1000 hours to test the durability of the protective coating), to Kesternich (25 cycles to ensure the resistance without formation of stains or rust), that for the uv rays and other inclement weather.
As well as durable, the products are eco-friendly, thanks to the use of coatings obtained from newly formulated powder, lead, cadmium and other harmful plasticized, in line with European law "Reach".

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